What is a good crm for Realtors

What Is A Real Estate CRM And What Does It Do?

Real estate CRMs are designed to help real estate agents build relationships with their leads and clients. CRM stands for “customer relationship management” software.

Real estate CRMs do this by:

  1. helping real estate agents attract leads
  2. storing real estate leads in one place
  3. managing all of their leads in one place
  4. sending and tracking communication
  5. helping agents convert prospects into clients

The best CRM software is cloud-based and is designed to allow agents to seamlessly manage their real estate leads/clients in one place. Real estate CRMs track an insane amount of data and lead/client details while keeping it organized and ready to use.

What a Real Estate CRM is not:

Real estate CRMs are not designed to manage real estate businesses. This is a common misunderstanding. Real estate CRMs do not manage commissions, team meetings, office work, accounting, contracts, and office functions. That type of software is called a real estate office platform.

What is a good CRM for Realtors?

Now, the obvious question is: What is a good CRM for Realtors? There are many to pick from, and most offer similar price points and communication abilities.

Since a real estate CRM is all about relationships, the best real estate CRMs help turn leads into clients by building relationships.

How do real estate CRMs build relationships?

Storing all leads in one place

Automating communication (email, SMS text, voicemail, video message, etc.)

Reminding real estate agents when to reach out leads/clients

Communicating with past clients

Nurturing colder leads until they are ready to buy/sell

The Key: Sending the Right Messages

The communication tools that real estate CRMs offer are fantastic. However, it doesn’t matter how high the open rate is for SMS texts, video messages, and voicemails if real estate agents are sending the wrong messages. This is where many real estate CRMs fall off the wagon.

It doesn’t matter how many different, easy ways a real estate agent can contact leads with a CRM if they are sending the wrong messages. No one likes to be spammed. And the measure of a good real estate CRM is how often it turns leads into clients.

The key is sending people messages they actually want to receive. Most real estate agents don’t see a high ROI from their real estate CRM because their messages either come off as spamming or they don’t set them apart from the competition.

Most CRMs have similar price points and similar message sending capabilities. Realtors who want a CRM that builds relationships with leads and converts them into loyal clients should focus on what types of messages a CRM sends.

What types of messages do real estate CRMs send?

Many real estate CRMs come preloaded with a list of generic, automated sales messages. These sales messages are not usually created by a marketing professional, but rather by the software team that developed the CRM.

These messages are often unremarkable and similar across the board. Many agents don’t change these pre-loaded messages at all, preferring to put their CRM on auto-pilot from day 1. And most of those agents don’t see a huge ROI because they can come across as spammy.

Content Marketing

The solution to standing out from competitors and not getting ghosted, blocked, or sent to the spam folder is content marketing. Content Marketing is: “marketing that tries to attract customers by distributing informational content potentially useful to the target audience, rather than by advertising products and services in the traditional way.”

By offering helpful information, leads open up, talk to, and engage with their real estate agents at a higher rate. The numbers don’t lie:

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound [traditional] marketing and costs 62% less.”

Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.”

What type of content can a real estate CRM send?

The data surrounding content marketing is definitive. It gets a higher response than traditional marketing and costs much less. But how can content marketing be utilized with real estate CRMs? After all, it isn’t like real estate agents will be texting entire blog articles to leads.

Listings: content leads want

Good content marketing offers leads what they want and need. Prospective clients are on the hunt for the perfect home. Real estate agents have a perfect opportunity to start a positive conversation by helping buyers find a dream home. Sending clients tailored home listings is perfect to do this.

By sending leads relevant listings directly to leads inboxes or via SMS text, real estate agents can easily become a local authority, a source of useful content, and can begin a dialogue with prospects. CRMs like Buying Buddy not only offer the messaging capabilities of other CRMs but also focus on sending messages that lead actually want to receive.

What is a good CRM for Realtors?

What is a good CRM for Realtors? Good CRMs connect to leads and clients through SMS texts, email, voicemails, and more. They store all leads and track conversations automatically in one place. They also send leads the right kinds of messages. Content marketing messages like listings showing higher and faster conversions than traditional advertising messages. When looking for a good CRM, researching what type of messages a real estate CRM sends is very important.





















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