Top Five Reasons Why You Need an IDX Solution

Are you new to the real estate business? Are you looking for different ways to pick up leads? Having an IDX solution on your website can be a great source for you. Here are the top five reasons why you need an IDX solution.

  1. Having an IDX solution allows you to display all of your listings on your website. This brings potential clients to your website.
  2. Your SEO efforts will dramatically increase because of your IDX solution bringing people to your site. You will see your website rank higher in your Google or Bing search.
  3. You will have lead capture brought right to you. Every customer enters their information to use your IDX, giving you follow up information and generating more leads for you.
  4. You provide all of your buyers with exactly what they need. An IDX solution will have detailed searches to give them the most relevant properties for them.
  5. You can set up your IDX to display your target neighborhood or market, wherever you want it. It is easy to integrate IDX with your website.

Even with your busy schedule, it is easy to take the time to find the right IDX solution for you. My Buying Buddy can help you find the right IDX solution for you.