Top 10 Cities for Millennials 2014

A recent Nielsen survey, concluded that 62 percent of Millennials prefer to live in a city, urban environment. The survey also concluded that Millennials would rather rent their own place in the city, than own a home in the suburbs.  Here are the top 10 cities for Millennials, according to Nielsen:


1) Austin, TX

2) Salt Lake City, UT

3) San Diego, CA

4) Los Angeles, CA

5) Denver, CO

6) Washington, DC

7) Houston, TX

8) Las Vegas, NV

9) San Franciso, CA

10) Dallas Forth-Worth, TX


What is it about the city life that makes it so appealing for these Millennials? Well, there could be a lot of factors, such as their financial background, upbringing ( Did they lived in the suburbs while growing up?), and even social influence. Most Millennials are eco-friendly, health conscious, and they value creativity, and social interaction.  And living in the city puts these Millennials closer to each of these stimuli.