The Importance of Organic Lead Generation


Consistent leads are key to be successful in your business. The process of attracting people to your service and then converting those individual prospects in to leads can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

While organic leads are more likely to end up as clients, there are still agents who may wonder why they can’t just buy a list of leads and work off of that. While the idea of buying leads may sound tempting, you are ultimately just purchasing a list of people who most likely “opted in” through another website and didn’t actually have any interest in your services.

When you contact a lead who has not been to your website or indicated any kind of interest in your services, you contacting them is unwanted and considered an interruption in many cases.

It’s important to understand that if you send messages to people who may mark your messages as spam, you are basically flagging yourself because it may result in you being placed on the “blacklist” that is shared with other email providers. This will ultimately hurt your email deliverability and IP reputation.

An organic lead is someone who has actually displayed interest in your services and is initiating the relationship with you, rather than the other way around. Turning these leads into clients is an easier and much more natural process.

With the help of My Buying Buddy, you will have a complete IDX/CRM integrated solution at your fingertips. The IDX widget allows for automation for buyers within your website, while the leads and contacts CRM allows also capturing and tracking your leads to help cultivate and close more business.

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