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Finding leads in real estate can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. There are specific programs an agent can use to make this process easy, but that is not the only things an agent should focus on. Below are a few programs and tips an agent can use to build the perfect automated lead generation process.

Paid Automated Lead Generation:


The obvious automated lead generation service is Zillow. Zillow is perhaps the biggest real estate website ever and has many ways for an agent to advertise themselves. To go above and beyond, an agent can set up a Zillow Premier Agent profile for a varying price depending on an agent’s zip code.

In order to maximize the information passed between the lead and agent. Listings specific to an agent can be marked by zip-code, and when a possible lead looks at a listing thorough Zillow, they will act as the middle-man in the relationship.

Bold Leads:

When an agent comes into contact with multiple leads, it can lead to a lot of juggling of information. In turn, an agent can become overwhelmed and leads will fall through the cracks.

Using Bold Leads fixes that. Bold Leads starts at $299 a month. That not only sets an agent up with relevant leads but offers videos and webinars to help an agent grow and learn. 

Buying Buddy IDX CRM:

CRM’s are the best way to manage leads. Buying Buddy stands out though because it is the only CRM that comes with built-in lead generation, as well. Buying Buddy both not only manages leads, it captures new leads, too. This is accomplished through the built-in IDX service that comes with Buying Buddy. When leads visit a real estate agent’s website, their contact information and home search history is captured through the IDX and sent directly to the CRM. 

From there, Buying Buddy will set up that information in an easy to use, organized window. This window tells an agent what steps have been taken with each lead, what type of listings they are interested in, and what still needs to be done. All of this is done for just $49 a month for a single user. It’s automated lead generation made simple.


RedX specializes in helping listing agents find leads through FSBO listings starting at $39.99 a month. These kinds of listings are made by those who want to get their house sold quickly.

RedX uses Vortex to find FSBO listings in an agent’s area. It filters out the bad numbers and prioritizes voicemails. This leaves an agent only with leads who are ready and willing to talk. They will also provide an agent with scripts that will help stubborn leads who think the call is not worth their time.



BombBomb is video making software that allows an agent to make informative, personal videos. Videos are by far the easiest way to connect with an audience. They hold their attention for longer and give them direct insight into their queries. An agent can use BombBomb to create personalized videos for each client, in order to talk to them directly about what they want.  These videos can go right into an email so potential leads will turn into clients. 

Free Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

The above programs and websites are useful for automation and lead capture, but there are more freeways an agent can maximize lead generation:

Use Your Sphere of Influence:

 Once an agent gets their name out into their community, they will begin to become liked and trusted. Agents should ride this wave and establish themselves as not only a good real estate agent, but as a good community member.

By establishing themselves in their community, agents will attract leads naturally. Referrals and leads will come in from those who look at them as someone they can trust. Potential leads who enjoy the work an agent is doing inside and outside the real estate bubble will talk that agent up, thereby generating leads.  

Use Leads Given By Another Agent:

People move from one market to the next all the time. An agent should establish connections with agents in various markets and exchange information for leads or old clients that move into their market area.

Share Resources:

There will be aspects of an agent’s job that they find do not fit into the norm of real estate, and there are some that an agent will find everyone uses. These tips and tricks should be consolidated into an easy-to-read format that can be given out to any leads that come their way. Advertising this fact will show leads how knowledgeable an agent is. It will show how much the agent cares about every person who tries to do business with them.

Master Cold Calling:

Cold calls might be the scariest part of finding leads. RedX will help with parts of this. But, going this route is never an exact science. People are unpredictable even when an agent is offering them a service they probably want. Adapting and finding ways to deal with these encounters will help build a thick skin and build agents confidence. Laughter is always a great way to make someone loosen up. This means an agent should have a good sense of humor. If the lead turns into something more, stand out by making clients laugh.

Nurture Leads:

An agent should divide their focus towards the leads they already have as well. Sending one email or posting one video is not going to be enough, but overdoing it will end up in an agent getting blacklisted. Leads are like houseplants, and an agent has to find the best way to stay relevant and consistent by sending them relevant, well-made content.  

Get Personal:

An agent should not just stick to digital interactions. They should do everything they can to make sure a potential client feels special. Meeting in person for casual talks, setting up an in-person showing of a house, or inviting them to special parties hosted by you is a way to earn trust. 


Using these tips will ensure an agent gets the most out of their leads. Automated lead generation is one of the best ways agents can use leverage the internet. But, whether an agent wants to pay for a service or build upon their own methods, there are many options available. 


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