the best closing gifts for buyers 2019

Some real estate agents are so burnt out by closing that they pick up a gift card and call it a day. But did you know that closing gifts are actually a great marketing tool, too? Closing gifts give real estate agents one last chance to make themselves and their services memorable. If an agent chooses wisely, their client’s friends and family will admire the gift, opening up conversations for free referrals. Here are some of the best closing gifts that are sure to have your buyers singing your praises:

Personalized Pillows

If a client is a Millennial, chances are choosing a personalized gift will be a big hit. Entrepreneur has been reporting on marketing to Millennials and custom, personalized purchases are the key. Etsy is the best place to find custom gifts for any client. Customized throw pillows are a great conversation starter. The best part is, they’re sure to be displayed front and center. Some ideas include a latitude and longitude pillow with coordinates of the client’s new home or a pillow with the homeowners’ last name. If the homebuyer is a pet lover, agents can order custom pet portrait pillows, too. And for larger families, a pillow with everyone’s name on it is sure to be a hit.

Outdoor Games

If the buyer is upgrading from an apartment/condo/townhome to a house, they’ll likely want to enjoy their new, outdoor space. A game or activity to use during summer parties is sure to be a hit. People are sure to ask where your client got such a personalized gift. These types of gifts can also help encourage buyers to get to know their neighbors by inviting them over for a game of croquet or corn hole. Your gift may just help them make new friends. Consider a personalized corn hole/bags set or croquet set.

Custom Art

A custom, framed piece of art is always a thoughtful gift. But in this case, it’s even more meaningful because the homeowner can hang it up in their new digs. Custom art is one of the best closing gifts because it commemorates the home buying journey the client has just been through. Choosing a custom print featuring a homebuyer’s first home, their family and new home, a minimalistic home portrait, or their name and home are all great options.

Framed Maps

If time doesn’t allow you to wait for a custom piece, there are quicker options available. Real estate agents can still consider a nicely framed map or other work that highlights the client’s new neighborhood. A typography, neighborhood map is a great conversation starter. Maps that highlight local amenities like restaurants and landmarks are also a great idea for transplants new to the area.

Transplant Gifts

It is no secret that as globalization increases, the number of transplant buyers has increased as well. Transplant gifts are intended to help new-to-the-area buyers embrace their new surroundings while also celebrating their hometowns as well. Gifts like an art piece connecting the buyer’s home state with their new one are perfect for a big move. For sports fans, a print of their favorite home team’s stadium framed alongside their new city’s stadium is a great idea (unless they are division rivals).

Love on the Pet that Rules the Roost

Pet gifts are also great for Millenials who are opting for pets instead of children in droves. If pets run a homebuyer’s life, there are plenty of options to love on their fur babies. A custom leash caddy is a great choice, or a unique pet tent. Cats will also love a floating window bed that allows them to sun themselves for hours. Moving is stressful for pets and homebuyers will sing your praises because you pampered their fur baby.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are trending as closing gifts for two reasons. First, they remind the buyer of their real estate agent each time a box arrives. Second, they are endlessly customizable. From video gamers to green thumbs, and sports fans to socialites, there is literally a subscription box for everybody. Cratejoy is the perfect place to start purchasing.

Homebuyers will get a surprise in the mail for months to come and it’ll be a great way for them to discover new products to enjoy. Best of all, whenever they talk about their crate goodies, their Realtor’s name will be on their lips.


Most homebuyers want to do some sort of work on the exterior of their new home. With the stress of moving, the lawn tends to fall to the wayside. Real estate agents can ease their client’s stress by helping make their new home look beautiful. Taking care of a landscaping consultation and a portion of the cost for lawn care is a great, practical gift. Additionally, hiring a one-time lawn service to get a yard winter or spring ready will be much appreciated.

Address Stationery

Clients will likely need to tell people in their life that they have moved and share their new address. Taking care of this for them is another way to ease the stress of the move. Ordering up some cute, personalized postcards is a sure-fire way to wow clients. Etsy offers custom moving postcards featuring family portraits or custom artwork of the new home. Agents should also be sure to stamp each postcard before giving them to the client to address.

New Needs

If a client mentions something they need over and over, that could be the perfect hint for what to get them. For example, if they’re relocating and don’t have any snow removal equipment, agents can help alleviate that stress. Great ideas include a shovel, salt, and ice remover hidden in the garage or shed with a note. If the client is upgrading from an apartment/condo/townhome to a single family home, offering up rakes, lawn bags, a leaf blower, or even a mower (if it’s in the budget). And nothing says home like a barbeque grill. If the client did not have a yard before the move, a personalized grill set is a great option to help them enjoy their new, outdoor space.

Bonus: The Worst Gifts to Never Give

There are certain closing gifts that clients will absolutely hate. These cringe-worthy gifts will get real estate agents remembered for all the wrong reasons. The three top gifts to avoid at all costs include:

Anything Branded with an Agent’s Face/Brokerage:

Nothing says tacky quite like a gift with an agent’s face or name plastered all over it. And while most agents give these gifts in hopes that it will be displayed somewhere in the home where other’s will see it, let’s be real, homeowners will do the opposite…because it’s just, plain creepy.

Gift Cards:

Market Watch reported that every year $1 billion dollars worth of gift cards go unused. Stores love this because they get free money for a piece of plastic. But clients don’t love it. In the age of Amazon, it just doesn’t make sense to obligate a client to go to a specific store and remember to bring and use their gift card.


Some agents like to gift cooking or gardening classes to their clients, but they shouldn’t. Moving is stressful, especially when it entails a new job, school, or neighborhood. Clients don’t want to be signed up for more time commitments in the midst of all of that stress.

The Best Closing Gifts for Buyers

The best closing gifts for buyers reinforce that the agent paid attention to their buyer’s needs throughout the entire purchasing process. They also double as a great marketing opportunity to get referrals. Thoughtful, personalized gifts are a great idea because they inspire conversations that bring in word-of-mouth clients. Just be sure to skip gifts that are personalized with your own branding.

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