The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2019

best apps for real estate agents

Real Estate Apps for Organized, On The Go Agents

There are a crazy amount of real estate industry apps out there. New and veteran real estate agents often find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of available technology. To help alleviate some of that hassle, we are breaking down the 5 best apps for real estate agents in 2019. We look at functionality and price and came up with the best Realtor apps for 2019.

1. Zapier

Zapier is the king of making #realtorlife easier and better. In fact, we love Zapier so much we integrated it with our own real estate CRM. It is one of the best apps for real estate agents or anyone with a phone for that matter.

This automation app brings every agent resource together and connects them. It allows agents to automate actions in one app based on a change in another.

For example, if someone fills out a contact form on an agent’s website, all of that info can be sent across applicable platforms be it email, a real estate CRM, or another real estate app.

With Zapier, the possibilities are endless. Imagine that as soon as a lead hits your inbox, they become subscribed to your email list, get added to your CRM, they are sent a personalized text, and a reminder is set in your calendar to call them. Plus all of their home search criteria can be stored and listing updates automatically sent.

Each of these specific actions is called a ‘zap’ in Zapier. Zaps wait for a trigger and then set to work making everything automated so you don’t have to think about it. Since Zapier can integrate with over 1000 different apps, there’s no way an agent should miss out on the opportunity to save time with automation app.


The best part about Zapier is how affordable it is. It starts out free, which allows 5 Zaps and ability to customize two of them pretty extensively. Later, when you can afford it, paid plans exist for $125 annually which gives you 125 Zaps and accesses to premium apps that are integrated specifically with Zapier. It is the ultimate program to use when an agent is just starting out and allows them to grow into a fully automated selling machine.


2. RPR Mobile

Realtors are always on the go. RPR Mobile is exactly what agents need to access the information they need at a moment’s notice. The mobile app is homegrown and owned by the NAR as a benefit for their members. RPR Mobile has a nationwide, parcel-centric database of both residential and commercial properties.

RPR Mobile is one of the best apps for real estate agents. This is because they can search properties, create reports using their own branding, and look at market activity with ease. Data populates by location wherever an agent is. These details get as specific as tax, mortgage, historical data, even flood zones, and school attendance. A Realtor can even add notes about specific properties and use them later.


RPR Mobile is free to download and free to sign up for Realtors.

3. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

We all love Matterport. They are any listing agents’ best friend. In fact, there is a great review of the virtual tour service, here.

Matterport Tours allow homebuyers to navigate 3D tours of listings. This is more than the usual pasted together panoramic photos and generic galleries with no context, though. This app uses the latest in 3D technology to seamlessly meld the pictures and videos taken of the property into one cohesive interactive experience.

Home buyers are able to see a movable 3D blueprint of the entire property and zoom in wherever they want to look first. From there, moving through the rooms is easy. This is one of the best tools to show off at a listing presentation.


This tech is a little more expensive than most, but the bang for your buck is worth it. If an agent is just starting out a $49 a month plan is available. This grants full access to the software required to make over 100 3D spaces. The only downside is the pricey camera needed to make the tours.

4. Dotloop

Dotloop is all about bringing all the pieces of a transaction together. Acquired by Zillow Group, it allows agents to create a customizable workspace around a specific transaction. It is basically a mobile office that tracks client transactions from beginning to end. It’s great for teams, too.

Agents can build templates, manage and track documents, and collaborate with teammates all in on the system.

Dotloop is a lot better for real estate agents than generic, collaboration software like Slack. Text alerts, online faxing, and backed up workspaces make it a great virtual office. But the clause manager makes Dotloop shine.

The clause manager stands out the most as one of the biggest time savers. An agent can save clauses they use in their agreements and allow them to be used for multiple agreements, cutting down the time spent doing paper work and maximizing the time spent with the client.

Better Homes and Garden’s reported that Dotloop also highlights the signature area of agreements ensuring nothing is missed. It is also integrated with over 55 real estate apps, too.


Dotloop is $29/mo for a single agent. Where Dotloop becomes most lucrative, however, is their deals for larger teams and brokers. Consolations are needed before signing up, and the features offered if going this route are valuable for larger groups of agents and brokers.

5. BombBomb

BombBomb is video creating software that allows agents to stand out by making personalized videos. Messages to leads, clients, or to show off a property are all great tools.

It automatically makes animated previews of every video and gives agents notifications when a video is uploaded or watched. BombBomb also has analytic tracking for every video, with shows performance and conversions.

The app also has mass e-mail capabilities, reminders, scheduling, and canned responses so they don’t have to write the same messages over and over again. BombBomb is all about time-saving while making your clients feel special and is worth a look.


BombBomb has a 14-day trial available. Basic service costs $49/mo. This covers the ability to make videos with over 2500 contacts, a mobile app, and a Google Chrome extension. More features are added with better packages, but the basic can take an agent far on its own.

The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Technology keeps jumping forward and 2019 has a ton of great apps to offer. The best real estate apps for agents save them time, help generate sales, and offer help to agents on-the-go. Tools like Zapier, Dotloop, and RPR Mobile are saving agents time so they can maximize sales. Others like BombBomb and MatterPort are designed to win leads and drive sales. No matter where an agent goes this year, these are some of the best apps to have in their pocket.


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