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Most Effective: Real Estate Content Marketing

real estate content marketing

Real estate content marketing can easily make or break an agent’s brand. Overall, 90% of home buyers will be looking online for their next home. But there is an overabundance of Realtors trying to create their own digital footprint. This simple fact means it can be hard for a Realtor to get noticed by online leads and search engines like Google.
However, the most effective way to get noticed is through content marketing. Content marketing is all about giving what potential clients want to see when they are looking for a home. The “content” part of content marketing can be videos, infographics, videos, or blog posts are tailored around what a client needs.

What is Real Estate Content Marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Real estate content marketing is a strategic marketing approach designed to offer home buyers and sellers valuable, relevant, and consistent information (content) that will aide homebuyers in the buying and selling process. This content grows trust and relationships with leads, resulting in loyal clients and an online following.

Content can include blog posts, tailored listings, social media profiles, video, photos, livecasts, podcasts, email newsletters, or any other media consumed by home buyers and sellers online.

Real Estate Content Marketing Stats

To put the previous point into perspective, the RESAAS Blog gathered some stats as to how making unique, well-made content can be a game-changer for an agent:
  • There has been a 30% increase in Adblock since 2016 (over 615 million devices)
  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their websites
  • Companies who blog generate over 67% more leads
  • Websites that blog tend to have 434% indexed pages
  • 70% of Marketers report video is the most effective form of content marketing
  • 40% of potential buyers find video to be most effective
  • Millennials make up over 32% of the home buyers market
  • Over 90% of Millennial are on social media
  • 34% of Millennials turn to their respective social networks before making a buying decision

What is the Point of Content Marketing?

Over 70% of the leads an agent comes into contact with, first scanned their content before reaching out. The point of content marketing is to get clients. Content marketing is all about showing leads the value an agent offers without coming off too pitchy. Effective content marketing targets leads and makes them feel noticed and listened to. Content marketing helps:
  • To build trust with leads
  • Build lasting relationships with leads and clients
  • Provide a more positive, reliable image of the agent
  • To show an agent’s knowledge of their particular market
  • Provide solutions to specific problems.
  • Increase an agent’s search engine visibility (SEO), leading to more qualified leads.
Building trust is by far the most useful result of content marketing. A client should trust an agent isn’t going to fill up their inbox with useless information or listings that are no catered to them. Sending the right content will also help leads see an agent knows their market well. It is also addictive and will result in leads turning to a particular agent.
If the right content is published or sent directly to leads, this can have further benefits. All this traffic can lead to a higher SEO score. If Content Marketing is done correctly, it evolves into a never-ending cycle of leads generating even more leads.

Making it Happen

However, the key to making this happen is to not only make relevant content but making it often. This means staying up to date on the various social media platforms available to an agent, as well as using the best tools.
The use of video has been shown to have the best effect on clients. Video can be used to show off listings or make content that is more directed to target leads. These small endeavors will make an agents content stand out the most. Lastly, traditional ads are not as effective as they used to be. Ad block has been on the rise in the past 5 years, which means that many traditional online ads don’t even populate on devices anymore.

How To Best Curate Content Marketing

The best way to making sure a lead becomes a client is by offering them useful content and making it easily accessible. The simple answer is to make sure to use the right tools. For direct content marketing, that’s where the Buying Buddy IDX CRM comes in.

Direct Content Marketing

Buying Buddy combs through every lead and shows an agent which type of content to send each lead. The CRM tells an agent exactly what type of property each lead is looking for and then sends tailored property alerts to them every day. It is the type of content leads want to receive, it positions agents as real estate experts, and it establishes with each lead. This content is sent directly to the lead, giving them personalized, relevant content on a regular basis.

Online Content Marketing

For building online content, topics should always focus on the agents market. Neighborhood guides, moving checklists, mortgage calculators, IDX listings, and focused area “best of” lists are best. Also selecting keywords or questions that are highly SEO ranked for selling and buying in an agents market are important. Using tools like SEM Rush can easily reveal top ranks questions and keywords in Google that Realtors should be creating content about. By building content around popular keywords, agents can get ahead in Google rankings.


Real estate content marketing is a powerful tool for generating leads and turning them into clients. It is also a great way to pull ahead in Google. Content marketing is now far more effective than traditional ads. The key is offering leads content that they want and using the right tools to share it. Offering leads content like tailored daily property alerts is an easy way to build a relationship with leads and turn them into clients. Doing keyword research and creating content relevant to local buyers and sellers is an easy way to generate more leads, build an audience, and jump up in SEO rankings.


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