The Best Life Hacks For Realtors

The life of a real estate agent is sometimes hectic. It’s all about the little victories and making life easier whether you’re in the office or out with clients. We are breaking down the best life hacks for Realtors to make your life easier and help you get ahead..

life hacks for Realtors

Lock Fix: Open Every Tricky Lock

Locks and lock boxes are the worst. The good news is this life hack for Realtors has two methods for unsticking any lock. The first is pretty simple; if a lock is frozen because of the cold, use any hand-sanitizer and apply it to the lock. It will instantly thaw. For locks that are jammed use a tiny dab of silicone thread lubricant on the lock and key. It will open right away and the bottle is so small you can toss it in your purse or car and forget about it.

Open House Hack: Fight Smelly Fridges with Oats

Get rid of nasty smells at your open house with oats. Plain oats absorb and neutralize odors from stinky fridges. Just pick up any container of oats and leave the unopened jar inside the fridge an hour or two before your open house.

life hacks for real estate agents

Stay on Top of Your Game: Fitness Work App

Realtors need to stay healthy, keep their peace of mind, and handle lots of stress. One of the best life hacks for Realtors is to take care of your body. Fitness a key piece to staying on top. But, who has time for the gym? An app that focuses on fitness on the go is a perfect tool to help real estate agents stay at sharp. Check out Underarmor’s My Fitness Pal or Zombies, Run! These apps are great choices for fitting a healthy routine into a fast-paced lifestyle.

Staging Technique: White Out the Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important part of the house; nothing turns off buyers quicker than a nasty bathroom. Clean white towels will make the bathroom look a lot cleaner and entice buyers. This tactic has been used by hotels for years. Color psychology shows that people naturally associate the color white with purity and cleanliness.

real estate tech life hacks

Open House Hack: Flip Every Switch

One of the quickest ways to add the illusion of square footage is by flipping on the lights and opening the blinds. Light has also been shown to put people in a better mood. All the lights should be switched on and drapes opened at every open house or showing.

Get More Online Leads: Put IDX and a CRM on Your Website

CRMs are everywhere these days. But, for agents, a super easy hack is to kill two birds with one stone by choosing a CRM with integrated IDX. Integrated IDX allows you to capture leads on your website and start converting them into clients automatically.

This type of CRM can import and manage all of your leads from Zillow,, Facebook, etc. but will also give you better a quailty of leads from your own websites.

IDX leads are imported with detailed home search histories. Agents can see right off the bat if the lead is looking for a 2 bd/1 ba in the city or a 4 bd/2 ba in a particular suburb. Starting the conversation by showing knowledge about the type of home they are looking for and offering the listings that are tailored to the lead’s search history, makes the relationship move from lead to client in a snap.

Life Hacks for Open Houses

Open House Hack: Get Rid of Wood Scratches Quick

If you have an almond or crayons on hand, you can get rid of knicks and cuts in any wood surface. If you use an almond, simply cut it in half and rub the inside (meat) of the almond into the scratch. This will rehydrate the wood with the oil of the almond and hide nicks and dings.

For crayons, it is helpful to keep a couple of browns, whites, and blacks on hand. Simply match the surface to the crayon color and fill it in. The wax will come off easily with warm water and a paper towel.

take naps to increase productivity

Get More Done: Take a Nap

What did Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, and JFK all have in common? They took naps to work and live more effectively. Giving the brain time to rest for 1-2 hrs can help you get ahead. The trick is taking the nap somewhere midway through the day. If you wait until the very end of the workday, it won’t be very effective.

Open House Hack: Use Mirrors and Psychology

You already know you need to get sellers to take their personal photos down. But did you know subbing art and photos out for mirrors may put the odds in your favor? Mirrors work better than art because they reflect light, create the illusion of bigger spaces, and subtly help buyers imagine themselves in a new home using their own reflection.

Open House Hack: Roll Up the Rugs

Rugs should be removed from the house. They create an impression of dirt and rooms seem cleaner and bigger without them. This is really one of the easiest life hacks for Realtors to remember- toss out the rug. The only exception to this rule is when the floor is damaged, stained, or peeling. Then, you should pick a light colored rug thats been thoroughly cleaned.

Make a Difference and Connect: Volunteer in Community Projects and Charities

These events allow you to connect with your community, give back, and provide a great networking platform to meet new clients. They also position you a neighborhood expert. Community projects and charities present opportunities to partner with other organizations and businesses. If the area you farm does not have any projects or charities, then start one.

Open House Hack: Decorative Pillows and Covers

Most people spend a third of their lifetime sleeping. Bedrooms are one of the primary places of interest for homebuyers. Decorative pillowscan help create a relaxing space and create the illusion of larger space. Smaller, decorative pillows make rooms look bigger than they really are.

Metallic accents

Open House Hack: Add a Metallic Touch

A few metallic accessories added to a room can make it feel luxurious and contemporary. A silver leather throw pillow, copper tray, a garden stool or bronze side table will suffice. Metallic artifacts may not be colorful but add a lot of glamour and visual appeal.

Build Relationships in Person: Give Workshops and Q&A Sessions

Market workshops can be used to grow your network. Invite people to come and hear about the real estate industry. Even simple question and answer sessions about the market can be helpful for buyers, sellers, and other professionals. These types of events position you as an industry expert, introduce you to new leads, and allow you to connect to the community. These opportunities work great on Facebook Live and Instagram, too.

Life Hacks for Real Estate Agents

Do you have a secret trick or hack that makes your life run more smoothly? Tell us about your life hacks for Realtors in the comments below.

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