How To Use Drip Email Campaigns to Nurture Real Estate Leads

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to stay in contact with leads and clients. It allows real estate agents to stay on their leads’ minds and build a relationship with those not ready to buy or sell. But many agents see very little conversions from their drip campaigns. There are huge payoffs though for real estate agents who know how to use drip email campaigns to nurture real estate leads, though. The trick is knowing how to do it.

Email is an invaluable resource for nurturing leads until they are ready to buy or sell a home. A drip campaign starts off by sending a lead an introduction and valuable content to ensure leads open future emails. From there, that lead will be sent automated emails over a set amount of time with valuable information. 

Below we address some of the most common problems real estate agents face with email drip campaigns and how to overcome them.

How to use drip email campaigns to nurture real estate leads

Problem: Leads Won’t Open Anything After the Initial Email

Solution: Send Relevant Content

Sending relevant content is the #1 one issue keeping agents from getting greater conversions from their drip campaigns. People do not open emails unless there is something in it for them. Many drip campaigns start with a big pitch from the real estate agent about why a lead should use their services. This is the exact thing that turns leads off.

Most leads need to be nurtured over time and won’t be ready to choose an agent at the time of the first email. The trick is to send them content they want so that they keep opening an agent’s emails and trust is built over time.

What Kind of Content Makes an Impact?

Giving leads what they want is key. Offering tailored real estate listings and helping them find their dream home is the best way to do this. Most leads will jump at the chance to review homes applicable to them, they want to find the perfect home. When it comes time to make a purchase, they will already have a working relationship with the agent via email. CRMs with integrated IDX like Buying Buddy make it easy to figure out a lead’s property preferences and set them up on a campaign.

Problem: Leads will not Reply to Emails

Solution: Emails with Personalized CTAs

Sometimes data will show that leads are occasionally opening emails but are not replying or reaching out to an agent despite a long drip campaign.

To turn these leads into clients it is important to establish two-way communication with the agent. The best way to do this is by embedding a clear CTA or “call to action,” within emails and making them personal.

But wait! Most agents will argue that they do include their contact information and a CTA to call them at the bottom of each email. This will definitely not get them the clients they are hoping for. Instead, drip campaigns should sometimes include personalized questions and CTAs.

Personalized CTA Example:

“Hi [lead first name],

I wanted to send you some listings I thought you might like. I had a question about your kitchen preferences, though. When you have a moment could you call me at 555-555-5555? Thanks so much!”

This type of communication can be completely automated by a real estate CRM, but still looks incredibly personalized. These are the types of CTAs that create conversions.

Problem: Loss of Contact with Previous Clients

Solution: Make a Strong First and Last Impression

The first email an agent should send in a drip campaign should be one introducing themselves, offering valuable content like listings, and thanking the lead for visiting their site/social profile, etc. A strong first impression will tell a lead they made the right choice.

On that same note, a strong thank you email after a deal has closed is equally important. This should be part of a separate drip campaign tailored toward past clients. As soon as a client closes, they should be bumped to a separate past client drip campaign. 

If a lead feels remembered and special, they can become a return customer or end up generating referrals. In fact, referrals are still the #1 source of new business for agents. Personalized emails commemorating a client’s one-year anniversary in their home, their first holidays in their new home, market updates, and incentivized CTAs (calls to action) like filling out online reviews and endorsements for prizes are a must.


Problem: Losing Track of Leads, Followups, and Communication

Solution Organize Leads & Use the Right Tools

It’s easy to send those first initial emails. After that first stop, though, if an agent doesn’t organize effectively, the leads they produce can fall to the wayside. In addition, not all leads are created equal. Some are ready to buy/sell right away, while others may need a lengthy drip campaign. Sending every lead the same, generic drip campaign never works.

When leads start pouring in, it may be hard to figure out what content leads need and what they are trying to accomplish. Before sending any content out to them, an agent should figure out what each lead needs and separate them into the appropriate campaign.

Most online leads now come with demographic and property needs included. These leads should be separated into appropriate groups after this information is reviewed. Is there a lead looking to move to an agent’s area from across the country? There should be an email campaign for that. Is a couple looking to downsize? There should be a campaign for that. The needs of each client can be extremely different. Additionally, they should be sent relevant listings from the very first follow up.

Some other ideas for separating clients into different campaigns include:

  • Whether the client is upsizing or downsizing
  • Where the lead is located
  • What kind of property they are wanting to deal with
  • The time frame in which they are looking to buy or sell in
  • What the price range of their property search falls into
  • Areas by zip code, neighborhood, or local market
  • Buyer leads or seller leads

These can change on a daily basis based on what a lead needs from an agent, but once the organization portion is done, the rest of the process should come easy. From there a real estate CRM like Buying Buddy IDX CRM can keep track of every communication for every campaign including open rates, dates sent, and key analytics.

Problem: Real Estate Leads Won’t Even Open One Email

Solution: Updating Subject Lines and Address

There are two reasons that people won’t open emails:

  • The email address looks shady
  • The subject like looks spammy or bland

Thankfully these two are easy to fix for an agent wondering how to use drip email campaigns to nurture real estate leads. Before trying to update the email address it is best to access what the campaigns subject lines look like. The focus should never be on the real estate agent. Instead, it should be on something that the lead wants.

Subject lines like, “Here are 3 great 3bd/2ba Lakewood listings” will get way more opens than a subject line that says, “Jill, Welcome to Remax Agent’s…!” Additionally, sometimes the email address is the problem. If an agent uses an address like [email protected] the chances of getting chucked in the spam folder are way higher. Using a personal name on the email can increase open rates as well.

Closing: How To Use Drip Email Campaigns to Nurture Real Estate Leads

Email drip campaigns are among the most important resources an agent has at their disposal. For agents wondering how to use drip email campaigns to nurture real estate leads, the client generation possibilities are endless.

Used correctly, they can make an agent stand out and nurture leads to the best of their ability. Overall, as long as an agent takes the time to make the campaign personal and relevant, the clients that come from these campaigns will create reliable business over time.


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