How to figure out Which Lead to Call Today – with Your Lead Dashboard

When you login to your LeadandContacts account, the first page you see now shows a new panel that summarizes whats happening with the Leads in your account.
This Dashboard Panel shows you information about your leads that will help you to focus on the leads that need attention.
The numbers are clickable and will take you to a page where all the matching leads are listed.
So, using this new panel, you will quickly be able to see which of your leads has….been logging in recently, or who have received Email Alerts…. or who are getting email alerts with more than 30 properties in them and so on.

In addition to this main panel, there are several other smaller boxes of statistics that will give you further insights to your leads.
We will be adding more analysis like this in the future and we’d love to have your feedback on what you would find helpful!