How To Choose a Real Estate CRM

Picking the right CRM is important for any real estate agent. CRM’s help an agent build a client base and keep everything organized and automated. They should also keep an agent’s income predictable by making business consistent.

We put together a definitive shopping guide for real estate CRMs. The first thing an agent or real estate team should ask themselves is what do problem do I want my CRM to solve? If a real estate agent knows what business problem they want their CRM to solve, they will easily know how to choose a real estate CRM.

how to choose a real estate CRM

What Problem Needs to Be Solved?

Real estate software should always make life easier and solve problems. So the first step is to think critically about a real estate business’ goals and needs. Most real estate CRMs have different strengths and weakness, so knowing your business needs should come first.

Here are some examples of common problems and needs that Real Estate CRMs help solve. Does a real estate business have a hard time:

  • Managing existing clients/keeping their office organized
  • With feast and famine business cycles/need to grow their business
  • Communicating as a real estate team
  • Generating and managing social media leads
  • Affording a real estate CRM

It is best to sit down and ask, “What are…”

  1. The strengths of my real estate business
  2. The weaknesses of my real estate business
  3. An area my real estate business really use help with

Once there are definitive answers, it is easy to start shopping and find the right real estate CRM. Many CRM ads highlight software features or functions. Beyond that though, each real estate CRM has strengths and weakness that can be used to solve an agent’s biggest needs. Below, we highlight some of those needs and how to choose a real estate CRM for each solution.

Need: Help Managing Existing Clients/Workflow

Solution: Propertybase

Propertybase is built on top of Salesforce and is unique because it was built by real estate brokers for real estate brokers and agents. Its strength lies in managing leads all the way through to closing.

Propertybase is the best real estate CRM for real estate agents who need more management for their current clients. Propertybase doubles as a pseudo-cyber-office by managing client contracts, signatures (DocuSign), finances (via Quickbooks), and more.

Propertybase’s weaknesses:

Propertybase does a great job managing existing clients but is not focused on lead generation and acquiring new business. Real estate agents that need to generate new clients should focus elsewhere.

You can check out Propertybase here.

Need: Help with Feast and Famine Business Cycles/Business Growth

Solution: Buying Buddy IDX/CRM

Buying Buddy was the real estate CRM built with business predictability in mind. For agents struggling with feast and famine business cycles, Buying Buddy is the best bet.

Buying Buddy makes business growth easy because of the content it sends leads. While many real estate CRMs offer SMS texting, email drip campaigns, and call reminders as standard features, they only send spammy messages. Buying Buddy has all of the best communication tools, plus it sends leads property listings that they actually want to receive. By offering leads listings tailored to their home searches, lead conversion rates spike.

Buying Buddy’s Weaknesses:

Buying Buddy is focused on acquiring new leads and turning them into clients. But, they don’t offer features like document storage, finance management, or other office-centric tools geared toward existing clients.

You can check Buying Buddy out here.

Need: Help Managing Social Media Leads

Solution: Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a well-rounded CRM best suited for businesses who want to capitalize on social media.

Just enter any email address and Wise Agent will automatically find every social media account associated with the lead’s account. Social media marketing is a breeze. This is because Wise Agent goes a step further by extracting personal information from those social media accounts like age, location, and additional information.

Wise Agent’s Weaknesses:

generating new leads. WiseAgent is great when an agent already has a ton of real estate leads. But if you don’t have any email addresses or names to feed it, it won’t be able to help agents capitalize off of their social media accounts.

You can check out WiseAgent here.

Need: Better Sales Communication for Real Estate Teams

Solution: LionDesk

LionDesk came roaring onto the real estate scene in the past few years. Some entire MLS territories have even adopted the real estate CRM for their entire coverage area. So why are some agents head-over-heals for LionDesk?

LionDesk is great because it goes beyond the typical lead assignment for teams. Leads are assigned based on zip code, by broker preference, or by past performance. Additionally, there are multiple broker functions which allow for great reports on team performance and opportunities. Broker functions also allow for drip campaigns to be pushed to each individual agent, too.

LionDesk’s weaknesses:

Reported lead import issues, difficult set-up and learning curve, and lack of useful content to send to leads. It offers many ways to contact leads and clients, but not use messaging to send them.

You can check out LionDesk here.

Need: A low-cost real estate CRM option

Solution: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a clean, simple real estate CRM for agents just dipping their toes in the technology pool. While it isn’t highly customizable like some competitors, it is easy-to-use, helpful for managing leads, and has an excellent starting rate.

At only $15/mo for an agent, it is hard not to check out Pipedrive. Their first-level service tier offers lead management, scheduling, reminders, and a slick app. It is a great way to follow up with leads.

Pipedrive’s weaknesses:

Pipedrive is a slick, simple CRM. So agent’s won’t find advanced features like video calling, social media tools, or lead generation capabilities. Tools like email drip campaigns also cost more with higher levels of service. Pipedrive is also not the best solution for teams.

You can check out Pipedrive here.

Closing: How To Choose a Real Estate CRM

Choosing the best real estate CRM isn’t simply about picking from a list of trending features. It is about evaluating the needs of a real estate business. By figuring out what their real estate business needs most, they can easily how to choose a real estate CRM.


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