For real estate agents, finding new ways to market their business online is key to attracting leads.

Traditional marketing is not dead, however, better options are available through digital channels. The best of these options is social media. Here are four ways that you can get new clients from Instagram.

Do It For the ‘Gram

While this saying has made its rounds, it holds true even for real estate agents.

Social media audiences are different across various platforms. That means that what you would post on Twitter would not necessarily work on Facebook. The same goes for Instagram. A Facebook post would also need to be tweaked if re-posted on Instagram.

When creating posts, remember to think from the perspective of how people interact on this social platform. Instagram is very visually heavy. This is the platform of stunning visuals and hashtags. If your photos are not stunning, you are wasting your time.

For example, if you’ve been taking your own photos of a property, it may be time to partner with a photographer who will take quality photos for you specifically to use on IG. If not, it is probably time to invest in a cell-phone tripod and switching up your tactics. Shooting photos at dawn and dusk can make all the difference in the world. The same is true of portraits and lifestyle shots. Filters are also a must on Instagram, with much higher engagement than unedited photos. 

Remember that written content, commonly called captions, should be specific to the social platform and also formatted in a way that is engaging to the eyes of an audience on it.

Good contents include:

  • Asking questions in your captions
  • Using emojis and icons to drive the eyes’ attention to where you wanted to in your caption
  • Adding and stacking unique hashtags to each caption
  • Responding to questions in the comments section with a call to action in your reply.

Like, Know, Trust Factor

The features of IG are perfect for a real estate agent who is building the like, know, and trust factor with their new audience.

When you’re looking to get new clients from this mega social media platform, use all of the options that have for interactive pieces to your benefit.

For example, go live on IG once a week where you feature a walkthrough of a property that you’re looking at. 

Remember to tag the city as the location of the property so that people who are interested will the more likely to see it in their recommended stories feed.

Another great way to utilize the interactivity that the platform has is by using a simple poll option in your IG stories. Ask people about the features in one of the properties that you are walking through. Make sure the ask is a positive one, such as, “Would you love to live in this house?” And make sure that your post has a brief call to action on it.

Whether it be your email address, a phone number, or telling your audience to send you a direct message through the platform. The important thing is making sure that they know exactly how to contact you in order to set up a time to see the property or ask more questions.

Ask for the Showing

Making the ask is going to be the most important part of your IG strategy for getting new clients. This is especially important if you’re in a new market or if your new real estate agent who is building their clientele base.

The great thing about the platform is that it allows for building an audience quickly. if you do the process right, the audience that you have will be engaged with you and trust you, both of which you can use to your advantage in making the ask for them to schedule a showing with you for your listed properties.

If you’re not sure of how to do an ask on IG, here’s one suggestion that you can try.

In a post, at the beginning of your caption, include the following phrase:

“[Link in Bio] Schedule your showing time on {insert date}”

Where “insert date” is the date of a showing or open house. 

From there, the rest of your caption should be descriptive of the features of the property that you want to show off and also have two more calls to action. One that is midway through your caption and the other that is at the end of your caption reminding people of how to contact you in order to see the property.


Yes, giveaways work very well on this social platform. Everything is built around lifestyles. To ensure that your giveaway is popular, skip the generic pieces like pen or t-shirts and give people something that is a value in their eyes. Because engagement on IG is so critical to users when they’re considering companies to work with or buy from, giveaways are the perfect way to introduce your company and submit your place as professionals in your industry without seeming pushy.

Giveaways on IG work best when you have a physical product that the winner receives. Something like a gift card, a grill set, or something for the home, like artwork best for real estate. This is also a great opportunity to set up a collaboration with a loan officer, inspector, or other professionals in your area. 

If you do a loop giveaway with at least five other entities who are in complementary industries as you this will broaden your new client network and allow new leads to flow to you by way of the partnership that you’ve created with these other businesses. It’s a win all around because they are gaining followers and you are gaining more eyes on your listings.

By using these four strategies on Instagram you will generate new clients from the platform as well as build a following of people who are interested in your post and engaging with them.


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