Five Steps for a Successful Email Campaign

You came up with a genius idea for an email campaign and now it’s your job to turn that campaign into a successful part of your marketing tactics. Email is one of the most trusted and effective methods of communications even with the growing number of social media tools. Here are five steps for a successful email campaign that will stand out from the dozens of other emails your target audience will receive.

1.Start with a catchy subject line. In order to get them to even consider opening your email you have to have a subject line that catches their eye. Inform the reader of what the email entails, don’t mislead them once they do open your email.

2.Make the subject line relate to them and give them good reason to open your email. Keep your email simple. On average a person spends just a couple of seconds reading an email. They will scan the email for key words that they are looking for so you have to make sure the email is easy to understand or they are going to delete it very quickly. It’s easy to get distracted with an email, so make your email visually appealing to simplify your message. Add videos, photographs and infographics to the email to make it a successful email campaign.

3.Draw your reader’s eyes to the key message in the email. Use underline, a different color of the text, or boldface to prioritize your email and make it easy for the reader to know exactly why you sent the email to begin with.

4.Make sure there is a call to action. You want to engage your audience and give them a reason to read your email. Make it easy for your reader to take action, whether your campaign is to gain Facebook likes, enter your contest, or you just want to share your website with them.

5.Making it easy for your reader to do what it is you want will make them feel a strong connection to your company. Your campaign should all flow together with a good strategy. Do not simply send out emails and think that will get the job done. Email campaigns now include taking a call to action in your online communication systems as well. This will provide you the ability to reach more of your audience in a wide variety of ways, such as in Facebook, any forums you are a part of, and any other media you see fits well with your overall goal.

By utilizing these five steps for a successful email campaign, you will be reaching out to more of your target audience and reaching your marketing goals. A successful email campaign is one that engages your audience and grows a relationship with them.