IDX Map Search with Cluster
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As we head into another week of the government shutdown many people are noticing the importance of all parts to the government. Real estate agents need to be aware of how the market will look as the government shutdown progresses. Many lenders require tax return transcripts for a variety of loans, including FHA and VA loans....

Metrolist Denver IDX RETS
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Be careful about upgrading to Windows 8 or buying a new PC with Windows 8 on it. I thought moving to Windows 8 would be like a better version of Windows 7 – how wrong I was. 14 days after getting my new PC I took it back to the store as I had not had 1 hour of productivity on it. Microsoft created Windows 8 for...

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It was recently announced that Denver’s MLS Metrolist has ended their relationship with IDX vendor TigerLead Solutions, which has left many Denver Real Estate Agents frantically searching for solutions. TigerLead Solutions was purchased by Move Inc. (operator of back in September, which has resulted...

Real Estate Marketing :: My Buying Buddy
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Zillow :: My Buying Buddy
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Just wanted to let you all know that Denver Metrolist are having very serious problems delivering accurate photos for IDX data. Its been a continual problem over the last couple of months and its affecting all IDX systems, not just Buying Buddy. The effect of this is that some properties in the Denver MLS have missing photos. As...