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If you practice real estate in Denver, you have likely already heard about the major controversy surrounding Denver-based brokerage Trelora, especially the news over the past couple of weeks. Although this topic probably only interests my fellow Coloradoans, I wanted to post this and see what other agents around the country...

Zillow Tech Connect :: My Buying Buddy
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It’s a new year, and that means we are another year older and hopefully another year wiser. So why are so many people still using the same old basic passwords across all of their online accounts? If you think your “1234″ password is still protecting your sensitive information, think again. Before you finalize your...

Top 10 cities for millennials
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gmail update
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IDX Map Search with Cluster
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As we head into another week of the government shutdown many people are noticing the importance of all parts to the government. Real estate agents need to be aware of how the market will look as the government shutdown progresses. Many lenders require tax return transcripts for a variety of loans, including FHA and VA loans....