Miami Real Estate Agents Rejoice! Buying Buddy IDX CRM is launching in Southern Florida.


Buying Buddy is taking Miami by storm. The Miami IDX CRM is now serving Jupiter, Coral Gables, Northwestern Dade, Broward, and the greater Miami area. The two-in-one IDX CRM is designed for Miami real estate agents who need more free time and help growing relationships with future clients.

Buying Buddy works by beautifully displaying property listings on any Miami Realtor’s website. While website visitors look through listings, Buying Buddy works to capture their contact information. The Relationship Management (CRM) system then stores all of the contact information. From there, agents can review homebuyers’ search activity, send tailored emails, schedule calls, automate drip campaigns, and monitor all of their relationships from one, convenient location. It integrates with Zillow and Facebook, too.


Buying Buddy works by presenting MLS data on through their IDX/RETS system. It populates beautiful listings on any agent’s website. At the same time, Buying Buddy’s CRM system works by capturing the contact information of leads visiting a real estate agent’s website. The integrated CRM then stores and uses the contact information.


Buying Buddy’s mission is to give agents more free time and create meaningful relationships with future clients. The team over at Buying Buddy believes that agents should have more free time for what matters most. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system frees up time for agents by automating their tasks and communications. The IDX/RETS system is easy to work with and install, taking the hassle out of web management. It is reliable and updated seamlessly. By combining both the IDX and the CRM into one system, agents no longer have two sets of accounts to manage, software to install, and support teams to work with.

Create New Relationships with Future Clients

Miami agents will also love the way Buying Buddy provides relationships with leads. The CRM nurtures relationships that begin with website visitors. From there, real estate agents can grow new relationships with leads. Buying Buddy tracks relationships at every stage, automating the entire process. Phone calls, emails, action plans, and customized listings are all part of the relationship building process.

The Buying Buddy’s IDX CRM system is a plugin that works on any WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Weebly, Adobe Muse, HTML, or PHP website. The plugin is quick and easy to use. Buying Buddy works to make IDX/RETS listings easily accessible while integrating lead capture through their Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The CRM is The Secret Sauce

Buying Buddy is unique because it was built with the intention of saving real estate agents time while helping them build relationships with future clients. The CRM is the secret sauce that makes it great! It collects visitor information and tracks each relationship. The CRM also integrates with Zillow and Facebook to manage every relationship in one, mobile-friendly location.

The easy-to-use software allows agents and teams to see an analysis of a lead’s interests and behavior. Agents can review properties views, created tailored listing emails, view emails opened, schedule calls, view search activity, and more. This allows agents to quickly assess each future client’s individual needs and quickly tailor communications to win them over.

The CRM manages each relationship individually, allowing agents and teams to track how each relationship is growing. Personalized analysis and communications allow agents to turn each lead into a new client. Miami real estate teams will love Buying Buddy, too. Teams can be managed, relationships can be assigned, and conversions can be tracked in one, simple-to-use place.


Buying Buddy’s “Welcome to Miami” price point is $49/month. The company wants their two-in-one system accessible to any agent in Miami, Jupiter, Miami Beach, Broward, Coral Gables, or Northwest Dade. While most other Miami IDX CRM systems cost hundreds of dollars a month, Buying Buddy saves money for agents to invest in other areas of their businesses.

Buying Buddy is happy to now be serving Miami agents. The two-in-one Miami IDX CRM is designed for agents who need more free time and help growing relationships with future clients. The two-in-one system is currently discounted for Miami agents. Let Buying Buddy keep an eye on your real estate business while you focus on what matters most.

Need a New Website, too?

In need of a website overhaul? Buying Buddy and their partner, Blue Fire Sites also build real estate websites from the ground up, with a number of real estate themes available.

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