Overcome the "no"Hearing the dreaded word “no” can be daunting and discouraging, especially for newer Realtors® and Agents.  However, attempting to overcome Buyer objections with rapid-fire “come backs” to their objections will only breakdown rapport and hurt the relationship.  By providing the Buyer helpful information that addresses their concerns you will be able to nurture the relationship, move it forward and overcome the “no”.

People don’t want to be “sold to”

Objections to talking with Realtors are kind of like excuses for missing work.  They are frequently the same and used by everyone across the board.  In business, the excuses range from “I’m sick” to “I glued my eye shut because I thought the super glue bottle was eye drops”.  In Real Estate we frequently hear: “I am not at the point I want to talk to an Agent”, “I don’t need a Realtor”, “I have an aunt who is an Agent”, “I am going to buy directly from the owner or through the sellers Agent”; the list goes on and on.

Sold ToPeople don’t want to be “sold to”, and that is one of the main reasons people come up with objections to talking with a Realtor.  Being “sold to” is the main goal of nurturing a Lead.  Conversely, building a relationship in Real Estate focuses on the needs of the Buyer.  If you market to your Leads correctly, the Lead will be nurtured as you build the relationship.

Moving a relationship forward does not always mean a sale now

Also, moving a relationship forward does not always mean a sale now.  While some objections might be unfounded and born out of fear, some objections are real.  Giving the Buyer information that will help them to get to a place where they can overcome legitimate objections means you are building a relationship and, while it might be slower than you would like, moving the Lead forward. Being the expert means having the answers and being found when the Buyer is in need and looking for you.   The continued communication and relationship building keeps you top of mind when it is time to take the next step and buy.

Real Estate Specific IDX CRMWhether your Lead is ready now or you have to overcome objections (both unfounded and actual) it is important to manage that Lead correctly through a Real Estate specific IDX CRM.  Comprehensive Lead profiling, Lead follow-up, sales management and sales support tools help Agents better serve their clients and grow their relationships.  If you want more information about how you can use an IDX CRM to grow relationships and overcome the “no”, contact us.

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