Adding Value to Your CRM with Social Media

Businesses are increasingly relying on digital tools to achieve their goals. Delivering social media capabilities to your My Buying Buddy CRM platform is an excellent way to add value to your CRM and ultimately your business.

In this new day and age, the rise of social media has caused many traditional approaches to fall out of fashion. These days, the use of social media exceeds that of generating leads, but offers the opportunity to converse, inform, and educate your clients and build a positive reputation for yourself.

Understand Your Client Base

The use of social media allows for authentic conversation and engagement with potential clients, providing you with free market intelligent directly from buyers. Positive engagement experiences result in a higher likelihood of doing business with you, and possibly spreading word of your services and expanding your brand.

Business Intelligence

Activity and engagement that takes place on your social networks can be thoroughly analyzed for Business Intelligence, offering insights into what consumers want. You can then use this to help better guide your content strategies and marketing approach.


Creating a social feed will not only help you create efficient communication and more responsive customer service, but it also allows you the opportunity to observe client wants and needs, and the ability to address any concerns prior to their emergence.

Evaluating social media content for action is an emerging best practice for CRM, as social media has become a primary source of communication for much of the population. At the very least, social media efforts will help you better understand your customers, while helping to build loyalty for your brand.

If your business already has extensive marketing activity in email and social media, improving CRM functionality is likely to yield significant benefits.



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