5 Lead-Boosting Marketing Tips

Successful marketing not only comes down to automation and simplification, but it is also about humanizing and personalizing your brand…something that seems to slip through the cracks at times. If people are not intrigued with you, then they are just bored. The following tips can help you not only with your marketing efforts, but in boosting your leads as well

  1. Customer Reviews – This may be one of the most important things you can put your efforts into. In a time when people are so dependent on technology, they turn to the internet to research what others had to say prior to making a decision, especially when it comes to things that involve money, and YOU are no exception to this rule. Try to get a system in place where you have clients leave you reviews prior to closing, that way you are still in contact with them and can easily reach out and request a review.
  2.  Embrace Mobile and Responsive Designs – Statistics show an increasing number of people using their phones or tablets to look at websites and emails. When your website or emails are not responsive, not only do potential clients move on from them but it ultimately hurts how your brand image is seen.
  3. Revisit Email Strategy – The content that you send out to potential and former clients should be of good quality content that is both personal and relatable, otherwise it goes back to them just being bored. The purpose of your content should be to help your audience and keep them compelled to continue reading your emails and portray you as an industry expert.
  4. BOOST That Post! – Social media can be tricky when it comes to marketing strategy. Not everyone will see everything you send out or post on Facebook. By spending a little bit of money to boost your post, you are guaranteed to get more exposure, which is always good!
  5. Update Your Graphics – Your graphics represent you and your brand. They say an image is worth a thousand words, so don’t let those words be of a negative influence! This means NO stock photography, NO clip art, and NO images that are bland or faceless. When in doubt, use an image of the city that you are targeting to represent the general concept.

Marketing not only takes consistent effort but it takes up plenty of your valuable time. By using a marketing automation tool, you can help reduce the amount of time spent on marketing and concentrate your efforts into building strong relationships with your customers.

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