New IDX CRM Updates and features released

We have listened to your feedback, and are busy working on all kinds of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for all My Buying Buddy accounts!

Remember, you can always find a list of the most recent changes directly in your Leads and Contacts (LAC) account. Simply log in and scroll down to the bottom of your account dashboard. The “Recent Changes” area is where we will announce all new updates as they are rolled out, so check back often!

Here are some of the most recent changes:

1) Zillow Leads

My Buying Buddy has integrated with Zillow’s Tech Connect program! This means that if your office pays for Zillow leads, they can now be automatically sent into your LAC account. The leads will follow the round robin lead distribution parameters you currently have configured, meaning there is nothing for you to do other than configure your settings in Zillow! Click here to learn more.

2) Campaign Activity Previews

You can now preview all activities and tasks in a campaign. This means you no longer have to click back and forth between the campaign overview and the individual task or activity when you want to see a complete overall summary of the entire campaign.

3) Billing Information

We have added the ability to update or change credit card payment information directly in the LAC. To change your billing information, log in to your account and click the “My Account” tab in the menu on the left. When it expands, click the “Account & Preferences” link, and then click the “Billing” tab at the top of the next page.

4) Bulk Assignment

Some accounts were experiencing a bug with the bulk assign feature when assigning a Loan Officer to a group of leads who have different Agents. To fix this, you must now either choose a specific agent to assign, choose “IGNORE”, or “NONE”.

5) Configure Timezone

You now have the ability to set your time zone. To configure this setting, log in to your account and go to My Account > Users > Click User Name > Preferences > Time Zone.

6) Change to MBB user ID

All agent ID’s in your account are now completely in lowercase, and will be uniform across all of your widget codes, filters, etc. User IDs can be found in each user profile.

7) Improved geocoding

We have fine tuned the geocoding of properties listed in map searches for more accurate displays.