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There is currently no automated way to import your clients and leads in the Leads and Contacts system, however, we will import leads FOR you as long as you provide us with a correctly formatted file. Email us a CSV file with columns in this EXACT order: First Name Last Name Email Phone Address City State Zip Category...

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The Lead NOTES area has received a major enhancement with the delivery of our new NOTES area for your Leads. See the NOTES tab for any of your leads. This section now show ALL the notes for your lead categorized by NOTE type. Manually added notes TODO item completion notes EMails sent Notes on Saved Searches / Alerts Notes...

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It is now possible to send the current results to your client, of a recommended Search you are creating. This option will send an immediate Alert, with the current results, as well as set up a repeating Just Listed Email Alert. To use this feature: Select the LEAD you want to work with. Go to SAVED SEARCHES tab Create...

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Each week (early Monday morning) you will be receiving an Alert and Report that summarizes your account and lead activity for the last week. The purpose of this report is to give you a clear insight into whats going on with your leads and listings. ...