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You came up with a genius idea for an email campaign and now it’s your job to turn that campaign into a successful part of your marketing tactics. Email is one of the most trusted and effective methods of communications even with the growing number of social media tools. Here are five steps for a successful email campaign...

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Real Estate Blogging :: My Buying Buddy
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There is currently no automated way to import your clients and leads in the Leads and Contacts system, however, we will import leads FOR you as long as you provide us with a correctly formatted file. Email us a CSV file with columns in this EXACT order: First Name Last Name Email Phone Address City State Zip Category...

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If you are looking for new ways to make your listings stand out on your website, My Buying Buddy has the solution! Whenever your listings are presented in the list of search results on your website, they will be shown with an enhanced presentation to make them stand out. This includes a bigger thumbnail image and a special...